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About Vascure Natural Inc

Vascure Natural Inc launched in the winter of 2009 to help people take care of their hearts in a simpler, less costly manner. The family of products include...

Vascure Natural™ All-In-One Heart Health Dietary Supplements

Vascure Natural™ Vitamin D3 Dietary Supplements

Vascure Natural™ Super Omega-3 Fish Oil Dietary Supplements

Vascure Natural™ CoQ10 Dietary Supplements

Vascure Natural™ Cellular Energy Support Dietary Supplements

Vascure Natural™ BP Formula Blood Pressure Dietary Supplements

Fully funded, staffed and advised by industry experts, Vascure Natural Inc plans to add to the Vascure Natural™ brand product line in the coming year additional products that will help people protect their hearts.

Thomas McCrink, President
Vascure Natural Inc.
Office: 732-713-5401
Fax: 800-736-1381
tmccrink (at) vascurenatural (dot) com

At Vascure Natural, we provide all natural nutritional supplements to support cardiovascular health. Our formulas are developed by healthcare providers and endorsed by physicians and pharmacists. Our mission is to continue to offer a broad spectrum of high quality, safe, nutritional supplements to support healthy living.

Prior to co-founding Vascure Natural™, Tom held numerous positions within the pharmaceutical/biotechnology arena, working for QualCare Preferred Providers, Bristol Myers Squibb and ICOS Corporation. His leadership expertise includes: National Training Manager and National Sales Manager.

Advisory Board

Vascure Natural Inc has an Advisory Board providing both business and health care-related guidance. The Board consists of experienced business managers as well as practicing health care providers.


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