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Vascure NaturalTM Brand Heart Health Dietary Supplements Reviews & Testimonials

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"I am a 79 year old active senior with overall good health. My PCP recently diagnosed me with slightly elevated blood pressure. He suggested I go on a medication to help control my hypertension. Hesitant to start taking a new medication, I was very optimistic when mt cardiologist recommended Vascure Natural BP Formula, an all-natural hypertension remedy to help control blood pressure. Since going on this product I have been able to effectively maintain my numbers within a normal range with no side effects."

Louisa R., Jackson, NJ

"As a 52 year old male in relatively good health I have struggled with hypertension after being diagnosed more than 10 years ago. I was prescribed several different hypertensive medications but struggled with the side effects associated with them. I was introduced Vascure Natural BP Formula through an associate and have experienced significant BP reductions without side effects!!"

Mike J., Brielle, NJ

"Vascure Natural BP Formula has changed my life as I was able to lower my blood pressure from a starting point of 154/94 to 142/86 in just 6 weeks! I am so happy to have found an all-natural BP product that works for me."

Kerry W., Manasquan, NJ

"As I sit here, enjoying my 88th birthday, I find myself being extremely thankful this special day for being introduced to Dr. Scott Eisenberg almost 6 years ago - in May of 2010. My son, Lloyd brought me to Dr. Frank Alario on May 24th, 2010 - the day after I flew in from my home in Florida to visit the family in New Jersey. Dr. Alario took one look at my ankles, which were swollen and listened to my heart. He picked his head up and told me that he wanted me to see his cardiologist immediately. My reply was, if he’s good for you, then please make the appointment for me… and Dr. Alario did. That same day - I saw Doctor “Scott”.

I had been living in Delray Beach, Florida and been seeing doctors and cardiologists, however, unbeknownst to me, I was suffering from heart failure and failing fast. Dr. Eisenberg asked me about my history and I told him that I had a mio cardial infraction in 1986 and in 1992 I had a quadruple bypass and endarterectomy. I told him that the surgery took place at Christiana Hospital in Delaware in 1992. Within one hour, Dr. Eisenberg had gathered all of the available information – my history at Christiana. I stayed in his office while he did the research.

Dr. Eisenberg then asked me if I had a catheterization since my surgery in 1992 – (19 years ago) and I said No. Within a week, Dr. Eisenberg preformed a catheterization on me and a defibrillator was placed in my chest. The news was not good. Dr. Scott found that two of my 19 year old bypasses were “shot” they were 100% closed and the other two were at 65% and 70%. My injection fraction was dangerously low at 27%.

No wonder I was so short of breath and my ankles were so swollen.

Dr. Eisenberg stressed that within ten years of any by-pass, a catheterization should be preformed to monitor plaque buildup. No Florida doctor had ever told me that before!!! Dr. Eisenberg’s electro physiologist was unable to implant a pacemaker during that catheterization / defibrillator procedure at Jersey Shore as time was ticking that day and my 83 year old anatomy did not support the electrical connection.

One year later, I was feeling much better that I had prior to the / defibrillator procedure. Within that year, Dr. Eisenberg saw me monthly. He added Vascure Natural - Cellular Energy Support. At that time my injection fraction was just 27%. Dr. Eisenberg monitored my blood, my weight; fine tuned my meds and had me seeing Eileen at Jersey Shore Hospital’s excellent Heart Failure Center as well.

In June of 2011, Dr. Eisenberg sincerely believed that I was a candidate for the “Rolls Royce” pacemaker defibrillator and suggested that I go to New York City to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. He referred me to Dr. Whang, an electro physiologist, who successfully implanted the new device in Sept of 2011.

It has now been almost five years since that procedure. I feel so much better. I was able to walk much further after combination of the pacemaker defibrillator and the daily addition of the Vascure Natural - Cellular Energy Support -- without being out of breath. I sleep less during the day. I am more alert when I am awake. I have been singing in the choir again. I am enjoying my family and friends and been active again with the JWV. I would like to dance once more – the way I used to…. Maybe at my granddaughters wedding – eight weeks from now.

Thank you, Doctor Scott. You gave me a new life and a renewed spirit. You directed me to Vascure Natural - Cellular Energy Support, which has helped me become reenergized and raise my heart injection fraction from 27% to 33% of the 50% maximum due to my two 100% clogged bypasses. Your profound knowledge of the heart and accurate evaluation of my symptoms coupled with your actions and referral to Dr. Whang has been my game changer. I have much to be thankful for and you are at the top of my list."

Sincerely, Manny S., Manalapan, NJ

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